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FOD Sweeper

It’ssuitableforwideareassuchasloops,highways,plazas,airports.  It’swithhigh-strengthde-icingfluidtankmadeofcorrosion-resistantmaterial,withacapacityof3,785liters,4,542liters,60,56liters,7002liters,8,327liters,100,30liters,11,355liters,13,248liters,and15,140liters.Itcanmaximizethevolumerequirementforsprayingde-icingfluidonaroadsurfaceataspecifieddose
Product description

  It’s suitable for wide areas such as loops, highways, plazas, airports.

  It’s with high-strength de-icing fluid tank made of corrosion-resistant material, with a capacity of 3,785 liters, 4,542 liters, 60,56 liters, 7002 liters, 8,327 liters, 100,30 liters, 11,355 liters, 13,248 liters, and 15,140 liters. It can maximize the volume requirement for spraying de-icing fluid on a road surface at a specified dose

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