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Snow Sweeper

The3200HighSpeedSnowSweeperissuitableforalltypesofcivilandmilitaryairportrunways,andthetaxiwayisusedquicklyandefficientlyforsnowremoval.  Theintegratedelectroniccontrolsystemsensestheanglebetweenthechassisandthepylon;evenathighspeeds,thehydraulicallycontrolledsteeringstructureensuresthatthesnowbrushadvancesalongthetrajectoryofthesnowboard.
Product description

  The 3200 High Speed Snow Sweeper is suitable for all types of civil and military airport runways, and the taxiway is used quickly and efficiently for snow removal.

  The integrated electronic control system senses the angle between the chassis and the pylon; even at high speeds, the hydraulically controlled steering structure ensures that the snow brush advances along the trajectory of the snowboard.

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